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We provide best quality of Seafood Products

For over 50 years, Golden Seabreeze GBR has been an international seafood trader in Germany with a rich history of providing the most exclusive seafood Products. Specialized particularly in the import of king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus), which is imported directly from Murmansk. We look forward to meeting your needs personally and being your number 1 supplier of high quality premium sea food products.Murmansk. We are looking forward to meeting you personally and convincing you of our high quality premium sea food products.


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Norwegian King Crab

The Norwegian Paralithodes camtschaticus is the best quality with the highest freshness. Sweeter in taste, due to the fact that it is cooked with neutral water on land. 

Snow Crab

The Snow Crab (Chionoecetes opilio) is known for its delicate, snow-white meat and its sweet
taste. Our Snow Crab is another top level product in the premium crab sector.

snow crab cluster
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Salmon roe

The highest quality caviar! This high-grade Russian, Canadian and American salmon roe has well-formed eggs, as well as a lightly salted, delicate taste


Cod (Gadus Morhua) is of the highest quality and can be delivered with or without skin.

cod loin three pieces
single langousine

Wild Langoustine

The artisanal catched Wild Langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus) is an exclusive North Sea product from Norway.


The European or Canadian lobster is shelled raw and frozen. Every lobster is carefully chosen before being shelled by our innovative high pressure technology which does not shock the animal and preserves it from stress.

lobster living
oysters half opened

Oysters from Brittany

The oysters frozen half shells: ready to consume or to cook, our oysters from Brittany are carefully chosen before being treated, all organoleptic qualities are preserved thanks to the use of an adapted deep-freezing process.

Perch/Pike perch

The Pike Perch (Stizostedion lucioperca) and Perch Filet (Perca fluviatilis)can be delivered with and without skin. They can also be delivered in different sizes to suit your needs.

pike perch on ice
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Are you looking for high quality Seafood?

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