About Us

La passion de la mer – Passion for seafood

Antoine Honore & Michael Honore with King Crab

The Golden Seabreeze Team

This implies our enthusiasm, commitment, energy and pride taken towards all the processes in our seafood business.

Michael Honoré

Antoine Honoré

Our Promise

We guarantee,

  • to always source and promote the best choices of seafood
  • to consult and inform our customers about the best choices
  • to supply the best of the Seas
  • to be open and transparent….always
  • to be part of the solution
  • we work only with licensed and regulated harvesters and our product is totally traceable.

Our Quality

Our product goes through a rigorous quality control process, and is selected to ensure that it is always consistent. We always deliver a premium quality product.

We are regularly in the fishing areas and visit our suppliers.
The direct contact with the fisheries is very important for us. This guarantees a smooth flow of the value chain, a very good quality and knowledge of the local market.

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Our History

The origin of our family-run company “Golden Seabreeze” is back in the 1950´s. The long and traditional history began with a small fish store named “La Poissonnerie du Centre” in the center of Marcinelle in Charleroi (Belgium) in la rue de l’Ange.
Over the years our trading business has evolved constantly until it has become an import business company of Caviar, King Crabs and other high quality items.

Today we maintain the family tradition in the seafood business by importing our products from different countries such as Norway, Canada and China and offering King Crab from Russia. (Paralithodes camtschaticus)

Our specialty is the King Crab from Murmansk at the Barents Sea, which we import directly from the fisherman’s.

History of Golden Seabreeze